Satelliet data

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  • daily update, depending on availability CAMS data. No guarantee for every day, days could be missing. Url always shows latest available version.
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Op Twitter zijn de actuele voorspellingen voor de luchtkwaliteit te volgen:

Scapeler op Twitter

PM2.5, SO2, NO2, O3

PM2.5 fine dust (top-left),
SO2 (top-right),
NO2 (bottom-left),
O3 Ozone (bottom-right)
CAMS forecast data
Data: Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS)
model: #Ensemble #forecast #Surface
@CopernicusECMWF #OpenData #Satellite

Forecast 2018-09-26

Forecast 2018-10-02


Forecast 2018-10-02


Forecast 2018-10-02


Forecast 2018-10-02

O3 / ozone

Forecast 2018-10-02