Satelliet data

Satellite data from CAMS, model Ensemble

Grootste vervuilers in Nederland


source: Antwoorden-op-kamervragen-over-de-top-100-stikstofbronnen


Use of visualizations (timelapse satellite data)

Available images/GIFs

Two types of images can be used:

  1. ‘*.jpeg’ – use as (small) image to start the time lapse (GIF)
  2. ‘*.gif’ – the time lapse


  • EllaRoberta_pm25_so2_no2_o3_forecast_latest.gif / .jpeg
  • EllaRoberta_pm25_forecast_latest.gif / .jpeg
  • EllaRoberta_so2_forecast_latest.gif / .jpeg
  • EllaRoberta_no2_forecast_latest.gif / .jpeg
  • EllaRoberta_o3_forecast_latest.gif / .jpeg

For latest available time lapse use ‘latest’ in the name. Use ‘latest-1’ for day before latest.


  • daily update, depending on availability CAMS data. No guarantee for every day.
  • contact: